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Author Salon


With my busy schedule, I’m always trying to find online venues where I can connect with other authors at my convenience. I belong to several writing communities online, and they’ve been extremely helpful in different ways (i.e. getting feedback, testing my writing on my target audience, winning contests, learning about the industry, etc.) Now, however, I’ve found something that offers something different. Something I’m ready for: a chance to be discovered and be published.

I’m talking about AuthorSalon. You may wonder how Author Salon is unlike all other communities out there. Well, in my opinion, I don’t only think it’s different, I think it‘s unique! (And if I’m wrong and you know of a similar site . . . please, please let me know, because if there are other places like this one, I want to join.) So what makes it different?

Your Profile

For starters, the rigor. From the moment you start setting up your profile, you can tell this is tailored for serious authors. Every section you have to fill out will make you dig deep into your novel. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the process helps you uncover holes in the plot or weaknesses in the characters. The site provides specific instructions and examples for different genres. You will be expected to describe the hook, conflict, stakes, protagonist, antagonist, climax, etc. You will also be required to provide samples of your dialogue, opening, characters, and setting. And you’d better do a good job, because your profile will determine your project status. If your hook, doesn’t hook and your narrative doesn’t pop. Forget it!

Your Project Status

When you join, your project status will be “In Production”. As you are critiqued by other members and evaluated by the helpful staff, it will be your goal to move up to “Marquee.” Your vehicle to move up is your profile, which needs to be tight in order to grab one’s attention. Folks here are serious and aren’t going to let you slide with something lame. Now, you may ask, why is the status so important? Here is where it gets exciting . . .

Agents, Movie Producers and Publishers

The folks at Author Salon have what other sites don’t have. CONTACTS. And big, important ones at that. When your project profile is ready for show time, there are agents, movie producers and publishers who will search the site and will look at your project. If they like it, they will request to see more!

Now, isn’t this genius?! Aren’t you tired of sending queries? I’m really looking forward to have agents and publishers find me, for a change. A movie producer already did. First he looked at my profile for One Wish Away. Since he liked the idea, he wants to see more and requested a “writing treatment.” Pretty Neat!

Head out to Author Salon and check out their ‘About’ page and ‘FAQ.’ You may find that it is what you’ve been looking for.


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