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Thanks EVERYONE who entered and supported GIRLS ARE PLAYERS on its release day. You guys are absolutely amazing!
Not everyone can win, but I hope finding my books free on amazon every so often makes all my wonderful readers winners at some point or another.

Now to announce the winner *drum roll*
The prizes go to Karina Garcia (@specialk401KG)
Congratulations!!! And happy reading!!!

In a few weeks, Girls Are Players releases! I love saying that :) I’m very excited to share the next book in the G.A.P series. As I type this, my editor is working feverishly to polish everything to perfection. He likes Jessica. He says she’s a very interesting character and she’s kept him turning the page. This makes me extremely happy, to say the least, because she was a very challenging character to write. She kept me on my toes the whole while—which made the process lots of fun! I really hope everyone enjoys her story and grows to understand her craziness, at least a little bit.

Down to business . . .

As you know, I love giveaways. So of course, there has to be one to celebrate the release of Girls Are Players. I’ve brainstormed to make this giveaway a little different. I want it to be more fun for everyone by offering interesting prizes based on participation and support. So here you go:

*** PRIZES ***

This contest is international. Must be 13 years old to enter.
An AUTOGRAPHED paperback copy of The Guys Are Props Club
An AUTOGRAPHED paperback copy of Girls Are Players
A G.A.P. t-shirt – 3 designs to choose from
G.A.P. bookmarks, pen, post-it notes, “G.A.P. Member” button and keychain
** A $50 Amazon gift card
** Your name used for one of the characters in my next book (I’ll be super famous one day. You may want these bragging rights!) ;)
** A free e-book copy of every book I write in the future (There are many releases planned)

** To qualify for the last 3 prizes, the entrant has to provide proof of purchase (email receipt) of “Girls Are Players.” The purchase HAS to occur on 12/4/2013 (the day of release) No worries, the purchase price will be $0.99. A total bargain! Those who purchase the book on this date will receive 20 extra entries into the contest! The giveaway will have 1 or 2 winners. I’ll use random.org to make the selection. If the first winner provided proof of purchase, they will win ALL the prizes and I will not draw another winner. If the first winner didn’t provide proof of purchase, they will win the first 4 prizes. Then I will pick a second winner from those who provided proof and they will win ALL the prizes. I hope that makes sense. If not, ask with a comment below and I’ll clarify.

If you plan to purchase “Girls Are Players” anyhow, you may as well do it on release day to qualify for these wonderful prizes. Do SUBSCRIBE to my email list, so you receive a reminder on release day with instructions, and you don’t miss out!

Alright, enter now! You don’t want to forget and miss your chance :D Check out some of the prizes below . . .

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