“The Guys Are Props Club” Book#2 Available Now!

Dec 8, 2013 by

Girls Are Players release was this week and, I must say,  it went great. Yay! I’m delighted and super grateful to all my readers for their support. Thank you, thank you! Yep, my readers are the best. To prove it here are some quotes from reviews they’ve written in Amazon and quotes they’ve highlighted inside the book :)


Reader Reviews

“The love story between the two main characters felt raw and real, and I connected so much with (them). I felt like they encompassed the beautifully broken nature of humanity.”


“I definitely recommend Girls Are Players, especially if you are looking for a romance that doesn’t follow such a direct path with an obvious outcomes and conflicts. It was well written, addictive, and unique.”


“Ingrid Seymour has once again captured us with her writing. Girls Are Players is a great story of love lost and regained, infused with humor and genuine life lessons.”


“Jessica is a great character who faces a myriad of situational and personal struggles that make her story a hard one to put down. I also enjoyed the secondary characters and I loved seeing had each one impacted Jessica’s life.”


Book Highlights

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