My Goals for 2014

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Happy 2014!

Happy 2014!

A new year is here, and I’m doing what I always do: Setting goals! :)

The different is: this year I will keep track of my goals here. Last year, I set several goals, which I proudly accomplished. Except, I can’t prove I was a good girl and did everything I set out to do, namely writing two novels and getting them published *pats herself on the back* SLAM DUNK!

Now, for 2014, my goals are loftier, a true challenge from what I’ve done in the past, so to keep myself honest and share my progress with everyone, I will now list my objectives for the world to see. So here it goes . . .

  • Finish and publish Young Adult Urban Fantasy (‘cause this idea is fresh and there isn’t another YA novel like it out there. Trust me, I read A LOT of YA)
  • 91 %
  • Start and finish Young Adult Contemporary (‘cause an awesome idea for one occurred to me and it begs to be written this year)
  • 0 %
  • Start and finish Young Adult Horror (‘cause I think I was born to write horror, but for some reason it took me this long to realize it)
  • 0 %
  • Start, finish and publish New Adult Contemporary (3rd book in The G.A.P. Series) (‘cause my NA readers demand it)
  • 0 %

So there you go! I have to finish the book I’m currently working on and publish it. After that, I need to Write three new ones. Yay!

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