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Katherine Harbour

Today on the blog, I’d like to introduce you to Katherine Harbour. She is a fellow author published by Harper Voyager Impulse. I decided to interview her and review her debut novel of my own accord and my opinion here is unbiased and honest.

To share a bit about Katherine, I can tell you that she was born in Albany, NY but now lives in beautiful Sarasota, FL. Jealous? I know I am :) She works in a bookstore and, once, her creative brain led her to want to be a painter, but in the end she wised up, dusted an old manuscript she’d written when she was seventeen, revised it and got a book deal with a major publisher. She was always meant to be a writer, I’d dare say! That old manuscript is, by the way, her debut novel THORN JACK.

After reading her work, I can also tell you that she can paint a picture in your mind like no one’s business. Her writing is evocative and full of imagery. You can read my short review on his novel on Amazon or Goodreads.

Now, let’s learn a bit more about Katherine and her novel:

How does a day in Katherine’s writing life look?
On my days off from work, I wake up at nine–okay, ten (I’m a night owl) in the morning, check my emails, and mess around on my social media sites. Then I shut off the computer, around twelve, and work on extras for my books (blog posts, interview questions, short stories), revisions, and outlines. About three o’clock, I take a break (during which I do life stuff, or go out into the world to socialize with actual human beings). I return to my desk around six and write creatively until one in the morning. This is what I call a good writing day, and it’s rare.

Sounds like heaver, Katherine! Who is your favorite character in THORN JACK and why? (I really liked Caliban. Yeah, I like villains :) )
My favorite character is Finn Sullivan, my protagonist, because, after awhile, she developed her own personality without much effort on my part and surprised me a few times. She started out as someone almost sleepwalking through life, then gradually developed into a fierce hero. It’s great when characters take on a life of their own.

Those sneaky characters :) So, I know you’ve been working on THORN JACK’s sequel, how hard is it to work on a series? Any advice?
I had planned the Thorn Jack series out earlier, with detailed outlines. I followed the traditional story arc with all three books. I guess my advice for writing a series would be keep one outline ahead of each book, just so you know where you’re going. Trilogies are traditionally one story told over three books, while an ongoing series is episodic with a recurring main character.

I’m a pantser and have such trouble with outlines, but I need to get better at them. Tell us, What plans do you have once the THORN JACK series is done? Any more fresh ideas?
After the Thorn Jack trilogy, I’ve outline a YA/New Adult steampunk trilogy about an impoverished young aristocrat, a soldier with no memory, and a mysterious young woman who solve occult mysteries in a massive island city. And then there’s the haunted house book I’d like to write, about a family of perfume makers and a sinister toymaker.

Ooooh, both sound super intriguing! Now for some fun, random questions…

Rapid Fire Questions

Winter in NY or Summer in Florida?
I remember winter, with vivid detail. But at least you could occasionally crack a window. Summer in Florida…you’re hermetically sealed into your home for at least four months. And you get air conditioner colds.

Salvador Dali or Van Gogh?
Salvador Dali, because I’ve seen his paintings at the museum nearby and I just saw a crazy movie where Robert Pattinson plays him.

Favorite YA book?
My favorite young adult book would have to be a triple-tie between Tanith Lee’s The Silver Metal Lover, Holly Black’s Tithe, and Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones. (With Francesca Lia Block’s Witch Baby and Tiffany Trent’s In the Serpent’s Coils as runner-ups) Is that cheating?

Favorite book to movie adaptation?
My favorite book to movie would have to be another tie, between the Harry Potter movies and The Lord of the Rings.

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  1. I am even more excited to read this book with every interview I read, Katherine! I have it up after The Stolen and Once Upon a Rhyme because, um, I don’t want to face Bishop and Harry in NY without having read their work, but my friend gushed the other day about Thorn Jack without knowing of our connection. I just thought you should know that.

    Ingrid, I really like the new theme. :)

  2. Sandy

    Very nice interview. Pretty cover. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. All the best

  3. The LOTR movie is one of my favorite book to movie adaptation too! Seems like an interesting book.

  4. Christina C.

    Beautiful cover! Would love to read this.

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