Top 5 reasons to read the book before seeing the movie

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1. Get more for your buck

When it comes down to the amount of entertainment you get for your money, there is no doubt that a book offers you many more hours of enjoyment than a movie can. So, if your strapped for money, snatch an ebook or go to the library and pick up the story in its printed format. The cost for your fun will come down from $5 or more an hour to $1 or less. Not to mention the fact that you get to keep the book to enjoy it over and over again, if you wish.

2. See the original work

In the end, a movie based on a book is just that. It isn’t the original work by the original creator. It is simply one interpretation of it. During development, the script writers, the producers, the directors, will inevitably change the story. While at it, they may very well dilute meanings, twist plots, misinterpret facts, butchers characters, add content *gasp*, etc. and . . . you will be none the wiser.

3. Fight dementia

Did you know that reading can help your mind stay younger? There was actually a study that showed less physical signs of dementia (lesions, brain plaques, tangles) in autopsied brains of those who were more mentally active. So yeah, help your dear old brain, it’s only who you are ;)

4. Be an insider

If you have read the book, your friends will be dying to hear your thoughts on the movie after you guys watch it together. You will be their source of information when they invariably ask things like “Was the movie any different from the book?” or “Was Peeta really that short?” :)

5. Imagine the characters as you want

This one is huge, especially for romance novels. When I imagine the hero of a story, he will always manage to “float my boat.” I mean, I’m imagining him, right? So he will be just what the doctor prescribed. Nothing less. In the movie, however, you get what you get. No room for imagining. So, if the casting director picks someone you consider butt-ugly . . . well . . . your boat won’t be floating anywhere.

So yeah, read before you watch!

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